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Three clinical trials are currently being studied for a type of drugs known as PARP inhibitors, there are two types of drugs known as BSI 201 and Olaparib which are currently being trialed. These parp inhibitor clinical trials are as follows.

Parp Clinical Trials

The first parp clinical trial is for the drug BSI 201 and is being trialed by BiPar Sciences. The study is testing the drug on BRCA1 mutation carriers who have breast cancer of the type triple negative. This phase II study looked at women with breast cancer which had metasized (spread beyond the breast). The results of this study showed that three times as many women on the parp enzyme drug responded positively and went on to live three and a half months longer on average than those on chemotherapy alone. There were no parp inhibitor side effects observed in this study.

A second parp inhibitor clinical study is for the drug known as olaparib which is being trialed by Astra Zeneca. This phase two study trialled women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations and again just trialled those with advanced breast cancer. This time the drug Oliparib was given not in combination to cancer, delivered as a stand alone treatment. One lady on this trial had a complete response ie. no cancer at the end of the trial, overall the trial success rate was 41% of the applicants reporting positive results.

A third study again trialled Olaparib as a cancer growth inhibitor for those with advanced ovarian cancer in BRCA mutation carriers. Of the women given a higher oral does over 50% experienced clinical benefit from this treatment. In this trial there was some side effects but they were mild.


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