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Parp Ovarian

A clinical trial has recently been conducted to test whether the AstroZeneca trial drug is useful in treating those with advanced ovarian cancer and the BRCA mutation. The parp ovarian cancer trial was operated as a single agent ie. no other treatment was given, to women who had already received chemotherapy and who had no alternative treatment options.

Parp Ovarian Cancer

The study gave parp inhibitors in two doses: low and high and the parp inhibitors ovarian cancer tumor sizes were recorded. The overall response rate for this trial was one third of woman reporting positive responses when using a parp inhibitor. Of the women given a much higher dose over 60% reported clinical benefits.

The parp inhibitor side effects in this parp clinical trial were mainly mild including nausea, fatigue and anemia. The more serious side effect was occasional lowering of the white blood cells. The drug used in this trial was Olaparib.

Currently some PARP studies are open to applicants but not many.


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