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Olaparib Parp Inhibitor Information


Olaparib is a cancer and parp potent inhibitor which is said to help inhibit cancer growth. The parp drug known as Olaparib is currently undergoing clinical trials parp in phase two to test effectiveness of the parp inhibition of major advanced cancers such as breast cancer, parp ovarian cancer and stomach cancer. It is also going to be used for pancreatic cancer, brain tumors, colorectal tumors and melanoma.

Olaparib is being developed by AstraZeneca and has the potential for use both as a single agent or in combination with radiotherapy. Preliminary studies have shown this drug is safe with little or no side effects.

To date one woman has shown a full recovery from her advanced parp breast cancer, whilst this is not a cure for cancer it has shown promising signs and has shown in one third of those treated that it reduces the size of the tumors.

Olaparib is now beginning phase three studies and the results have been positive enough to warrant its further development as a potential clinical candidate in cancer therapy.


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