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BSI 201 Parp Inhibitor Information

BSI 201

BSI 201 is a parp drug known as a parp inhibitor. This drug was developed by French drugmaker Sanofi Aventis SA which was recently purchased by privately owned BiPar Sciences. The drug is a tumor selective drug that inhibits the activity of the PARP, which is a key parp enzyme in DNA repair and cell multiplication. It is claimed that BSI-201 has the potential to be a successful treatment of a range of cancer types.

BiPar Sciences has finished phase two studies of its cancer growth inhibitor and towards the end of summer 2009 is planning to study the drug in the general patient population. Phase 2 studies are still being carried out in parp breast, ovarian, brain and uterine tumors.


BSI201 has no known side effects and studies have shown over 50% parp clinical success rate in patients, especially those with BRCA mutations.

BSI 201 Milestones:

  • May 09: Presented at ASCO 2009 meeting meeting, to positive response.
  • Dec 08: Positive safety and tumor data recorded in Phase Two studies.
  • Jun 08: Positive Phase 1 and Phase 1b results.
  • May 08: Phase 2 studies started for ovarian cancer.
  • Apr 08: Positive data recorded for ovarian cancer pre-trials.
  • Apr 08: Start of Phase II study for glioblastome multiforme.
  • Nov 07: Start of Phase II study: triple negative breast cancer.
  • Nov 07: Significant response in parp-1 inhibition of breast cancer.
  • Oct 07: Initial Biomarket data shows PARP effective in multiple cancers.


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